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1. What is a referral?
2. Who can make a referral?
3. What happens when a referral is made?
4. How are decisions made about my child's special education needs?
5. How will I be invited to participate in meetings?
6. What information must be included in the notice of a meeting?
7. How will I be informed of decisions regarding my child's special education needs?
8. What does consent mean?
9. When must the school district obtain my consent?
10. What is an evaluation?
11. When is an evaluation needed?
12. How is eligibility determined?
13. What is an individualized education program?
14. Who must attend the individualized education program meeting?
15. What services are available to assist my child?
16. Whom do I contact regarding Teacher Certification?
17. Where can i get an application to become a substitute teacher?
18. I would like to get a job working for a school district. Whom do I contact?
19. How do I get to the County office from another area?