Boards & Commissions

  1. Cape May County's Women's Advisory Commission

    The ultimate goal of the County Advisory Commission On the Status of Women is to enhance the quality of life and position of the women and girls in Cape May County.

  2. Agricultural Development Board

    Learn about the Agricultural Development Board and how it serves the county.

  3. Animal Shelter & Adoption Center Advisory Board

    The Cape May County Animal Shelter and Adoption Center Advisory Board meets quarterly.

  4. Board of Elections

    The Board of Elections conducts all elections held throughout Cape May County.

  5. Board of Social Services

    The Cape May County Board of Social Services is committed to providing economic and social services to individuals and families residing in Cape May County based upon eligibility criteria.

  6. Board of Taxation

    Our mission is to administer our statutory duties in a manner that assures public confidence in the accuracy of values, the openness of our processes, and the intrinsic fairness of the property tax system.

  7. Bridge Commission

    The Cape May County Bridge Commission was created by the Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Cape May pursuant to N.J.S.A. 27 19-26.

  8. Construction Board of Appeals

    The Construction Board of Appeals will hear applications based upon the following procedures outlined in the New Jersey Administrative Code Title 5, Department of Community Affairs Chapter 23A, and the Construction Boards of Appeals Subchapter 2 Board Procedures.

  9. Culture & Heritage Commission

    The mission of the Culture and Heritage Commission is to work in partnership with cultural and heritage organizations to educate, encourage and inspire public participation in the cultural heritage of Cape May County.

  10. Development Review Committee

    The Development Review Committee is a supporting committee to the Planning Board.

  11. Human Services Advisory Council

    The Human Services Advisory Council (HSAC) is appointed by the County Board of Chosen Freeholders and advises the Freeholders regarding human service needs within the county.

  12. Library Commission

    Cape May County Library Commission will hold its monthly meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. in the Board Room of the Cape May County Library in Cape May Court House, NJ.

  13. Mental Health, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Board

    The Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Board includes representation from the recovering community, family members, mental health consumers, county Prosecutor’s office, and a wide range of public and private organizations and individuals interested in or experienced with alcohol, drug, and mental health related issues.

  14. Municipal Utilities Authority

    The Authority, and its appointed board of commissioners, were entrusted with the task of designing, constructing and operating, efficient and cost-effective wastewater treatment facilities to respond to the passage of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendment of 1972.

  15. Open Space Review Board

    Farmland is preserved through the purchase of development rights. All purchases are made by the Board of Chosen Freeholders on recommendations from the County Open Space Board or the County Agricultural Development Board.

  16. Park Advisory Board

    Learn about the Park Advisory Board and how they contribute to the Cape May County Park and Zoo.

  17. Planning Board

    The Cape May County Planning Board was established under Chapter 251, Laws of 1935 of the State of New Jersey and was created under Freeholder Resolution on October 20, 1953 as one of the first County Planning Boards in the state.

  18. Pollution Control Financing Authority

    The Pollution Control Financing Authority of Cape May County was created pursuant to the New Jersey Industrial Pollution Control Financing Law, constituting Chapter 376 of the Public Laws of 1973 of the State of New Jersey, as amended by the Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Cape May.

  19. RSVP Advisory Council

    The Retired Senior Volunteer Program is to provide a variety of opportunities for retired persons or semi-retired persons, age 55 and older, to meet their community needs.

  20. Transportation Advisory Council

    Learn about the Transportation Advisory Council and how it serves the Cape May County area.

  21. Youth Services Commission

    The purpose of the Youth Services Commission is to consolidate, plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate community based services for juveniles charged or adjudged as delinquent, and delinquency prevention programs.