Have the Zoo come to you! During these outreach programs you will have the opportunity meet a few of our education ambassador animals while learning about the importance of conservation!These interactive programs are great for private preschools, school classrooms/assemblies, clubs, adult lectures, fairs or festivals, assisted living centers, corporate events,
private parties and much more.  Our programs can be tailored to accommodate all age groups and interests. 

Programs and Presentations

General Audience Outreach (45-minute) - $150

  • Additional Program - $75

Fair/Festival Tables (2-hour):

  • No Animals - $100
  • With Animals - $200
  • Additional Hours - $50 (per additional hour)
  • Add Program - $75


School Programs

Preschool/Day Care (30-minute) - $100

Elementary-Middle (30 to 45-minutes) - $150

High school-Adult (30 to 45-minutes) - $150

Our Ambassador Animals

Ambassador animals are living creatures.  Therefore, for their safety, comfort and well-being we are not permitted to be in rooms or venues with other animals present. For outdoor venues, weather conditions will determine the species available for that program. Due to the needs of our animals we cannot guarantee a specific animal species.

Your party date must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance and must be confirmed with the Education Department to insure there is no conflict in scheduling. Please call (609) 465-6832 or email education@cmczoo.com for more information, check on available dates, or if you have any questions.

Travel fees will be added for out of county residents hosting their parties off site. Mileage will be tallied and added to your reservation following the Education Departments approval of your Party. 
Travel distance must not be more than 1 hours time or 60 miles from the Zoo. Not sure if your too far away . . . just give us a call. (609) 465-683

Any questions, comments, concerns? Call or email The Education Department at 609-465-6832 or education@cmczoo.com